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Welcome to Blue Light! 

Auroville's Free Open Source Software service and research centre.

Want to know what we do?  Take a look at our About us, Projects and Services pages.  Maybe the Guides page too.

Want to know what we can do for you?  Then our Services page answers your questions.

Want some technical information?  Our Guides page may have what you are looking for.

Interested in getting involved in our work?  We are looking for people.  More on our Joining page.

Want to make a donation to support Blue light projects, click on the link below and put 'Blue Light Donation Support' in field.

Blue Light manages a root Certificate Authority (CA) for Auroville: get it here.

SHA1: BF 22 E9 99 DE F4 71 44 1E 12 47 5C 3B A3 ED 9B D5 EC D4 C9      /       MD5: CE DF 16 D8 11 70 75 95 07 12 F5 C9 1A 48 F9 70