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We are based in the community of Auroville in Tamil Nadu in south east India. We provide the community and others with technical support for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). We have a training and research centre dedicated to generating and sharing FOSS knowledge.

What we do

Our primary focus is providing support to the Auroville services and working groups because they are the core of our community. We like to provide conscientious, reliable, consistent and personal support.

Blue Light is a learning and training environment. We welcome everyone who wants to explore FOSS, whether they be Aurovilians, long-term volunteers or I.T. students from India or abroad. We offer comprehensive classes in the use of FOSS, primarily to improve computer literacy in Auroville. We believe that if we help a small group of Aurovilians to become well-versed in FOSS computing, they can spread their understanding around the community.

Our Projects include terminal server and "small office, home office" (SoHo) set-ups.

Our work is considerably enhanced by professionals, students and others who work with us, both in our office and remotely. If you want are interested in Joining in a service-oriented FOSS environment and being part of the unique experiment which is Auroville why don't you Contact us?

How we are supported

We are financially supported by Auroville's Budget Co-ordination Committee (BCC).  This pays our expenses and allows us to support Auroville service units for free.

Our office space is supported by Auroville Centre for Urban Research's facilities management team.

We are paid by Auroville commercial units and external organisations.  Of this income, we pay 100% as a contribution to Auroville's central fund.

We are supported by volunteers who work with us for free and members who are also volunteers but paid notional living expenses.

Who we are

The team


Keerthi, Anand, Ramachandra, Daniel, Charles, Philippe, Bharathy



Andrey, Bharathy, Manu, Sam, Max, Igor, Biswa

2011 (2012 remix)

Rohit, Sam, Juergen, Manu, Andrey, Bharathy

Dyuman, Damien, Igor


Jay, Frédéric, Manu, Juergen

Bharathy, Damien, Igor


Bharathy, Manu, Frédéric

Anand, Juergen, Jason, Tux


Segar, Juergen, Bharathy, Manu

Emmanuel, Jason, Damien



Manu, Juergen