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  • Andrey   Extremely incompetent with computers at first, he was transformed by participating in Linux Networking class taught by Manu and by taking interest in high-end hardware. He joined Blue Light in July 2011 as an apprentice system administrator and soon took all hardware-related tasks upon himself, fueling his motivation with obsessive belief that only quality hardware can provide a safe platform for any computing tasks, open source or not. Interests: hardware, remote administration, networking, non-fanatical approach to operating systems. 
  • Bharathy   Started to work with Linux from my school times in Future School, Auroville. Taking care of the Financial Service servers, and the Town Hall network and supporting Town Hall computer users.
  • Charles   Came to computing in 1982 from power station operations. Initially in engineering software, segued into systems administration.  Started UNIX in 1992 and Linux in 2008. Linux Questions' contributor catkin. Special interests: bash shellscript, documentation, quality processes, "work smart, not hard".   
  • Daniel   Came into touch with IT world in 1985 when dealing with the programmable calculator MK-54. Since then computers became his love and good friends. Supporting Town Hall computer users.
  • Phillippe   IT Engineer from 1994, never done anything else than working with computers. Dealt with system administration, project management, development: application architect, Python guru, open source evangelist.
  • Ramachandra  I started using the computer from 1992 as required for the school teacher mainly working with Word and Excel. Then went to Pondicherry to learn computer formally where I learn systematically how to use computer properly. There I learn Tally, again new version of Word and Excel. Here in Auroville I used Auroville billing program from Luc. I learned computer as I needed for my work. I am always passionate about learn new skill from the computer. Now I am in Blue Light where I could see vast possibilities to learn hardware, software and many more. With my routine work if time permits I will start with hardware and networking and I will see where it leads to ...

External consultants

Manu   Working with Linux since 1998. Interest in system and network administration. Has a passion for Maths. Founding member of Blue Light. Left in February 2014.

 The team alphabetically during the last ten years


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