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  • TrueNAS setup with Portforwarding , SAMBA, WEBDAV, nextcloud
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System requirements:

  • 8GB ram (required) but 4GB is enough for minimalist usage
  • dual-core, Pentium and  higher configurations

Files to download

Steps to follow:

  • Create bootable USB drive of TreNAS.iso using rufus tool

1. Install Process

  • Boot the  pendrive
  • Select Install/Upgrade.

  • Select the desired install drive.
  • Next, set a password for the TrueNAS administrative account
  • After following the steps to install, reboot the system and remove the install media.
  • After booting up  find the web interface IP address

Ex: use in same network computer web browser

  • The web interface

2. Selecting drive for storage and all other needs:

  • select storage → pools

  • Click add and select your drive and  mention your desired  name for drive
    caution: it will format your whole drive

3. create a user rather than root

  • select Accounts→ users
  • add user
  • select all permissions
  • select you storage
  • select your user groups

Nextcloud Install Process

  • In TrueNAS nextcloud service is a plugin
  • First install it
  • you can find it in plugin→ Nextcloud → Install
  • un-select NAT and select DHCP

  • It takes time 10 - 20 min to finish
  • After use the IP-address and port number mentioned in Admin portal column
  • username and password will be provided in post install notes - picture mentioned below

  • use ncadmin and mentioned password to login
  • next create newuser for login

SAMBA share

  • select sharing → windows share(SAMBA)→ Add → select your pool → and provide your name, password and give all permission

Portforwarding to make your TrueNAS online:

  • login router username and password
  • select forwarding -> virtual server -> add your TrueNAS IP in IPaddress feild
  • add 8088 (default) for  internal and service port 
  • select protocol both  TCP & UDP  and select status enabled
  • And save it

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