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  • Installation of a security certificate in Firefox (AVCA)
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The installation process for a Certificate Services root authority generates a root CA certificate containing the CA's public key and the digital signature created by using the root's private key. This section provides the following step-by-step instructions for building an enterprise root CA, using a certificate template to enable client autoenrollment, and establishing autoenrollment.

  • To Install and configure an enterprise root CA.

  • For Firefox Web Browser, by typing URL , then ticking the empty boxes when this thing and press OK.




Verifying CA Installation

  •  The simplest way to verify the successful completion of the Certificate Services installation by back to  chrome://chrome/settings/certificates  by clicking the manage certificates  


  • And then the picture below shows the certificate manager will appear with Blue Light root CA has installed.


  • Or by typing the URL after loading blca.crt folder then clicking on it will show this certificate viewer the picture below. That also Means installed.



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