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You will find documentation and source code on Rose: /home/share/administration/Supported organisations and projects /bl-programming-projects/aurovilleguesthouses


Blue Light first developed an application to allow the guest house office themselves to update guest house data.

The second part was to redesign the interface for users wanting to choose a guest house. It's simpler, more dynamic and efficient than the previous version.

As part of this project the number of guest houses listed on the site increased from 23 to more than 57.

In November 2014, it is more than 70 guest houses and home stays displayed on the website.

Next second semester 2015 is to develop smartphone interface. And start to work on booking on line.

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Path properties

Virtual Machineblav2 
IP Address10.42.0.215 
Virtual Host configuration path/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/guesthouses 

Source code path

Database backup path/var/backup/mysql/avguesthouses 
Database Access
KeePassX path/Blue Light/ 
Access log path/var/log/nginx/access.log 
Error log path/var/log/nginx/error.log 

Documentation / Source code

On rose:

/home/share/administration/Supported organisations and projects /bl-programming-projects/aurovilleguesthouses


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