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However the Java Environment variables collapse with the /usr/bin and /etc/alternatives system. if we run the java command the PATH is resolved it against /usr/bin. The default or jdk.csh add the path paths to solve the java command while it is already resolved though the standard update-alternative mechanism. Beyond that it is pretty common to use the JAVA_HOME, the OpenJDK could need it as weelwell. Not sure who is using the J2SDKDIR and J2REDIR environment variables. Further more Derby is delivered with the Oracle JDK but not with the OpenJDK. It sounds to us that gathering the Java environment variables in a single place is a good practice. Here the and jdsk.csh we use. Basically we remove the extra path information paths and kept the derby path.

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Close and re-open a session and check your environment with a printenv command.

Then runNot sure if we need to run this command, however for historical reasons we keep it.

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update-initramfs -u