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shwl_add / shwl_del scripts

  Prerequisites from above: sudo, FreeRADIUS python module / script, shorewall, FreeRADIUS MySQL

Code Block
apt-get install arp-scan
# Install the shwl_*.sh scripts from the shwl_add_shwl_del_sl_pmu archive in /usr/local/sbin/, and configure settings in each of them
chown root:freerad /usr/local/sbin/shwl_*
chmod 750 /usr/local/sbin/shwl_*
mkdir /var/local/shwl_add
chown freerad:freerad /var/local/shwl_add
chmod 700 /var/local/shwl_add
chmod a-s /var/local/shwl_add


Code Block
mysql -uroot
  CREATE DATABASE shwl_add_shwl_del_pmu;
  GRANT ALL on shwl_add_shwl_del_pmu.event_log TO 'freerad'@'localhost';
mysql -uroot radius < shwl_add_shwl_del_pmu.sql # Updating shwl_add_shwl_del_pmu.sql to the full path of the shwl_add_shwl_del_pmu.sql file extracted from the shwl_add_shwl_del_sl_pmu archive script

Prerequisities from above: sudo, FreeRADIUS MySQL, shwl_add / shwl_del scripts MySQL

Code Block
apt-get install libpam-script sshpass
mkdir /usr/share/libpam-script/pam-script.d/pam_to_mysql_update
cd /usr/share/libpam-script/pam-script.d/pam_to_mysql_update
# Put the script in here, and configure MySQL settings inside
ln -s pam_script_auth
ln -s pam_script_passwd