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This script looks for the values of the following items in the tuple of tuples:


The script executes the configured command in the background and then writes to the new process's stdin the values of the above attributes, one attribute on each line, in the order shown in the table. It then exits, leaving the new process running. If one of the RADIUS attributes mentioned above as "Optional" is missing, the script writes "None" in its place. If one of the "Mandatory" ones is missing an error occurs. In case an error is encountered, the script exits immediately, returning radiusd.RLM_MODULE_FAIL. (This means if an error occurs after the new process has been launched, e.g. because a mandatory RADIUS attribute is missing, the script exits leaving the new process running, doing nothing, waiting for its stdin to be populated). If no error occurs, the script returns radiusd.RLM_MODULE_OK at the end. The configurable options can be found at the top of the script.

This script is intended to be run by the libpam-script PAM module during the PAM auth and PAM password stacks execution. In the intended configuration, the libpam-script module checks the script's exit code and reports failure back to the PAM stack, causing the PAM operation to fail, in case an error occurred in the script.