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  • 802.1X secured wifi installation

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These are the settings that usually need to be configured, on dual-band routers it might be necessary to configure some of the settings twice, once under the settings for the 2.4GHz SSID and once for the 5GHz SSID:

  • SSID - SSID of choice
  • Channels - '@@@'
  • Network security type: WPA2 Enterprise
  • WPA type: Set to either Auto or WPA2
  • WPA encryption: Set to either Auto or AES
  • RADIUS server IP -
  • RADIUS server port - 1812
  • RADIUS server secret/password - Password chosen in clients.conf for this particular NAS
  • IP address - IP address needs to match IP mentioned in clients.conf
  • Disable DHCP
  • Some models: Reauthentication period - Specify to something equal to or greater than the Session-Timeout specified in /etc/freeradius/3.0/sites-available/default. Some NASes interpret 0 as disabling re-authentication, and might then also ignore any value mentioned by the FreeRADIUS Session-Timeout / Termination-Action attributes.
  • Secure password - Choose a secure password for accessing the NAS web (or other) interface. It is important as it controls access to the wireless security settings, and the web (or other) interface is reachable by supplicants connected to the network.
  • Some models: Operation mode - Some NASes have an Operation mode setting, which sets/locks some settings to defaults that are appropriate for different kinds of uses, e.g. "DSL Router", "Wireless Router", "Wireless Access Point". This varies by model, but usually something like "Wireless Access Point" is a good first choice, if available, alternatively "Wireless Router"