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  • Incremental backup Windows PC

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  1. Install FreeFileSync to default folder C:\Program Files\FreeFileSync
  2. Create new folder C:\backup_config
  3. Copy to this folder following files:
    1. backup.bat
    2. SwithMail.exe
    3. BatchRun.ffs_batch
  4. Open in a text editor backup.bat file and edit parameters in top part of the file:
    • Destination folder (ex. \\\FAMC-GREEN)
    • Network username
    • Network password
    • Name of FreeFileSync profile (keep default one BatchRun.ffs_batch)
    • Retention period, days
    • Global report file location (keep default one "\\\TH Share\_backup_global_report\backup_global_report.csv")
    • Indicate one or multiple folders to be backed up (ex. C:\Users\FAMC\Desktop)
    • Gmail user that will send reports
    • Gmail password
    • Send email to address
  5. Open Task Scheduler (press Win+К R combination and run taskschd.msc)
  6. Import the file backup-on-idle.xml to create new task
  7. Test setup by running the task on demand (right click and run). Check  folders C:\backup_config\batch_logs and C:\backup_config\ffs_logs and read reports.
    • Note that first run might be reported with errors because destination folders are not existed. However destination folders will be created automatically after the first run.