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  • 802.1X secured wifi installation

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client test1 { # Replace test1 with a name for the router
       ipaddr = # Replace with IP of the router
       secret = password # Replace with an actual password



as freerad?

Modified "@@@"

as freerad ("@@@" right way to do it?):

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cd /etc/freeradius/3.0/certs

Modify /etc/freeradius/3.0/mods-available/eap, modify the following directives under section 'tls-config tls-common' to be:

Code Block
private_key_password = password # Replace password with the password chosen previously
private_key_file = /etc/freeradius/3.0/certs/server.pem
certificate_file = /etc/freeradius/3.0/certs/server.pem
ca_file = /etc/freeradius/3.0/certs/ca.pem



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