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  • How to flash a stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S2 with Ubuntu 12.04
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Just double click on it :)


  • Unpack the file “I9100********.tar.md5”
tar xvf I9100*****.tar.md5


  • Boot your phone to download mode
    • Switch it off
      • Press and hold Home+Volume Down+Power until you see the “Warning” message
      • Connect via USB to PC
    • Confirm it with Volume Up
  • Check if the phone is detected
heimdall detect
  • Flash it with heimdall (do it with as root to avoid access problems to usb devices)


heimdall flash --primary-boot boot.bin --cache cache.img --factoryfs factoryfs.img --hidden hidden.img --modem modem.bin --param param.lfs --secondary-boot Sbl.bin --kernel zImage
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