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  • DropBox account on an LDAP-NFS shared system
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Setting up an LDAP authentication server will drive the user crazy with his Dropbox if you don't configure it properly.

Dropbox identify the machine  on which you work by looking at the hostname and stores this information in config files located in the home directory of the user {.dropbox & .dropbox-dist}.

Every time the user will login on a different computer will lead Dropbox to reset the local account as the hostname is different. 

Therefore Dropbox becomes a pain to use...

The trick here will be to have the Dropbox file located on the local machine and not in the NFS mounted home folder and to link these folder to the home directory.

You will then have to create the directory structure once for every computer the user will use.

Here is how to:

On the Client machine / or Server

Create the folder structure

As root or sudoer

mkdir -p /media/Cloud/sam/
chown sam:users /media/Cloud/sam/
chmod 700 /media/Cloud/sam
su - sam

If the dropbox folders (.dropbox & .dropbox-dist) exists

mv .dropbox* /media/Cloud/sam/
mv Dropbox /media/Cloud/sam/

If they do not exist create them directly 

mkdir /media/Cloud/sam/.dropbox
mkdir /media/Cloud/sam/.dropbox-dist
chown -R sam:users /media/Cloud/sam
chmod -R 700 /media/Cloud/sam

Or copy them from the server

Replace the ip address and the username by the one of the server 

scp -rp sam@ /media/Cloud/


cd ~
ln -s /media/Cloud/sam/.dropbox .dropbox
ln -s /media/Cloud/sam/.dropbox-dist .dropbox-dist


The main Dropbox folder, containing your synced files and folders, should stay in your home folder avoiding the sync every time your change computer.