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  • Cups: allow web based administration of printers by a non-root user
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The print server (cups) can be taken care of by users without the need to have an access to shell, using the web interface provided by default by cups.

The policy chosen by Blue Light is to create a specific user in the system for that task: printadmin.

This documentation follows , and there's a request for automating the task: .


The printer administrators need to have network access to the server (in Blue Light: using OpenVPN).


Create the user for administration

adduser printadmin

Set the password as set in BLKPDB.

Add it in the group:

adduser printadmin lpadmin

Configuration of Cups

Allow cups http interface from other computers

In the general config (no) section of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, add a line:

ServerAlias *

Allow connections from any source IP

Add in the <Location /> section of /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

 Allow all

Remove all lines matching Allow @LOCAL in other <Location> sections of that file, if any.

Make sure that the server is accessible from anywhere. Eventually (Jessie?), replace Listen localhost:631 by:

Listen *:631


Point a web browser to:

The default settings allow viewing the printers and queues, but not any modification.

The cups web sites prompts for user name  (printadmin) and password when required.

Administration of printers

TODO: document common tasks, such as adding a printer, pausing/resuming, etc

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