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We are using the P-Touch Label printer to have long-lasting clear labels.

The manual can be found at

Or on Rose at /home/share/resources/Documentation/Manuals/P-Touch_7600/UM_PT_7500_7600_ENES_1616.PDF

The manual is 7.2 MB

Blue Light Default settings


In order to reduce print cartridge wastage we use the continuous print and cut setting

"Code" + "Z" -> "Cut" -> "3"


Label patch cables

When labeling patch cables we will need to have 2 copies of incremental numbers of the label type "R & Rep"

  1. Type the label text, be clear about the part that you want to increment, especially keep in mind how many digits (or letters) you want to increment, for example P-01
  2. Choose the label type:
    "LABEL TYP" -> "R & REP" -> Enter -> "BL. LEN." 30.0 mm -> Enter
  3. Choose the number of copies and the how many steps you want to increment:
    "CODE" (tiny square LHS bottom display appears) -> "LABEL TYP" -> "COPIES" 2 -> right arrow
    "NUMBER" 10 -> Enter
    "START".  Select the rightmost digit or letter you want to have incremented -> Enter
    "END".  Select the leftmost digit you want to be incremented (the start-end text will be highlighted) -> Enter
    "CONFIRM" -> Enter
  4. Cut firmly when prompted to cut.
  5. For the last label to come out, press the "Feed button" (Yellow upper left button)

Label Panels

To be done