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Welcome to the manual of Pidgin Internet Messenger 

This tutorial will show you how to use Google Talk chat via Pidgin in Ubuntu 12.04 - you'll be able to chat with anyone with or email ID.


Use Google Talk via Pidgin

You can launch pidgin from the  Launcher or from the Dash or by locating in your menu (if you use previous Ubuntu version)


While pidgin IM is active; on the Top bar it shows the functions such as "Buddies", "Accounts", "Tools", "Help"



Under Accounts tab >> click on 'Manage Accounts' >>  


Then the 'Accounts' window appears. 


Then click on the 'Add...' button

A window named  'Add Account' appears.


Under the Basic tab Choose XMPP as the Protocol.


After selecting XMPP as the Protocol fill in the other fields such as 
  • User Name: your username (without the  or part). 
  • (or if that's your case)
  • Resource: You can leave this field blank
  • Password: you can leave this field blank for increased security, or for convenience (to sign in automatically) enter your email password
  • Local Alias: leave this field blank
  • Remember password: check the box if you’d like Pidgin to remember your password (you won’t be prompted to enter it each time you sign in, if you select this option)
  • New mail notifications: check the box if you’d like Pidgin to notify you of unread email in your inbox.

Under the Advanced tab (the tab is at the top of the same window)

 Go to Connect Server: Enter a server value depending on your type of account:

  • email users should enter
  • users can leave this field blank 

Then click SAVE at the bottom of the window, then CLOSE - and you're done.

If you're online you might see some people online and ready to chat. 

If you are online, and there's no error popping up and your Pidgin list is still empty you can add some friends by going to Buddies menu and entering their full or address. Once you do that - a request is directed to their mailbox/chat - once they accept your invitation you'll be able to chat with them.

You can also add a chat-bot Google Guru (a robot pretty much) to to your buddy list - it's always online and can be very helpful: example: Send to it “define ironic” and you’ll receive a definition of the word. Type “web Android” and you’ll get a Wikipedia blurb of the term as well as a mobile link to full search engine results.

If your memory is anything like mine, then the mayafile Gtalk bot will be a lifesaver for you too. Using it couldn’t be any easier. Just add to your buddy list, and then use the command “store <note>” to store the message you want to remember later. 

(= Enjoy your chat  =)

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